At Wingmaster in Brantford, we are proud to serve some of the hottest wings around. From our Blackenstein wings — our number one take-home hot wing flavour — to our Red Flame Mix and more, we have a wide range of hot and unique flavours to tickle every taste bud.

Our hot wings are not for the faint of heart! If you’re unsure whether you can handle them, try some of our safety tips and recommendations next time you indulge in some of our hot wings.

#1. Milk is your friend! Plain milk is much better for cooling down your mouth than cold water. Have a glass of milk on hand if you don’t think you can handle the heat.

#2. Greek yogurt also helps. Consider having a bowl of Greek yogurt on standby to get rid of the pain, without taking away any of the heat.

#3Avoid touching your eyes and other sensitive body parts after eating your wings. Make sure to wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water to get rid of the residual heat! Hot peppers can really sting.

#4. Order a chaser wing flavour. Our Peanut Butter & Jam or Gummy Bear flavoured wings are the perfect antidote to chase our Blackenstein wings.

#5. Frozen treats won’t help. Try to avoid following our super-hot wings with ice cream bars or freezies — they won’t take away the burn, they’ll just melt quickly!

#6. Avoid sour keys as dessert. Sour keys and other sour gummies will make the pain worse!

#7. Don’t skimp on low-quality toilet paper. This might sound like TMI (too much information), but not all of our bodies can handle the heat of hot

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