If you want great sushi, you go to a sushi restaurant. If you want a good burger, you don’t go to a Chinese restaurant. So why would you get your wings from a pizzeria? The team at Wingmaster are the wing experts, so it only makes sense that you would get your wings from us.


You wouldn’t go to a general practitioner if you needed a specialist – and the same applies to wings. Pizzerias tend to generalize in their food, ranging from pizza to salads, garlic bread, wings, potato wedges, pasta and more. If they’re not focussed on one kind of food, they’re not specializing in anything. Don’t settle for subpar wings – head for the wing experts instead!


We’re in more than just the wing business – we’re in the flavour business! And while a pizzeria will have three or four wing flavours, we offer over 70 unique flavour combinations to truly give you an amazing wing experience. Whether you’re looking for something hot and spicy or creamy and flavoursome, we’ve got you covered. We buy some, we mix some, and we create some from scratch. We also have some of the hottest flavours in the world for those of you feeling a little adventurous.


At Wingmaster, we’re focused on quality, and we make sure every order of wings is inspected and passes through our strict quality control system. We always use fresh wings – never frozen. Each order of wings goes through our hand review process to make sure you get an equal number of drumsticks and wingettes. We also make sure they pass our standards of size and quality.

But our quality control doesn’t just stop at the wings. We make sure all of our equipment is clean so that we can produce fresh tasting wings every time. We use clean oil and every night, we clean out our fryer to ensure your wings never taste burnt. This also ensures that no particles from other things cooked in the fryer ever end up on your wings.

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