When it comes to chicken wing sauce flavours, Wingmaster is the unbeatable champion. With over 70 unique flavours to choose from, you’ll always find something new and delightful to tickle your tastebuds!

But with such a wide variety of flavours, we know it can be difficult to choose just one. So to help you narrow it down, here are some of our top flavours that we think you’ll love!


Most people would probably assume that barbecue, buffalo style or honey garlic would be our most popular flavour of chicken wing. But they couldn’t be more wrong! Apple pie is one of our signature flavours that you won’t find anywhere else, and people love it. Tre created this flavour with inspiration from his American roots, and it’s truly a unique creation. It’s also the only one on this list that you can buy in bottle, so you can enjoy it on ribs, pulled pork, as a dipping sauce and more at home!


With chicken wings, it’s hard to go wrong with the classic buffalo style flavour. Our buffalo sauces come in a range of spices (mild, medium and hot), so you can enjoy that great buffalo flavour whatever your spice preference is! Buffalo sauce was created in Buffalo, New York, and is how the original chicken wings have been done since 1964. And we think our take in this classic is just as good as the original!


Our Texas gold sauce comes from our line of Liquid Gold honey and garlic based sauces. And if you’re looking for a great flavour that will please the whole family, look no further than Texas gold. It’s a mild, honey garlic flavour that’s sure to satisfy your taste buds. (It also comes from a time when we weren’t quite creative enough at naming our sauces!)


Sometimes, the craziest ideas are the best! And that can definitely be said for our peanut butter and jam flavour. What started out as a customer joke and a small sample bottle soon turned into one of our most popular wing sauces. Slather some of this signature flavour onto your wings and the chicken will taste like toast! Peanut butter makes it all good.


We created our gummy bear flavour so there would be something for the kids on the menu, and Tre was inspired to create it after a friend’s child handed him a gummy bear. We take gummy bears and melt them down to create our sticky, sweet sauce. And if you’re an adult, we won’t judge you if you want to try these too!


Mr. Gouda’s jerk seasoning can’t be beat. Before they went under, we used to buy all of their jerk seasonings and use them in our chicken wing sauces. With some hard work and determination, over six months we worked diligently to recreate Mr. Gouda’s seasoning so we could continue to use it in our recipes. It’s the main ingredient in our Caribbean gold sauce, which we pair with jerk-seasoned meat to take the flavour to the next level.

Want even more chicken wing flavours? Explore our over 70 flavours at Wingmaster in Brantford! We create some, we mix some and we buy some, but you won’t find lots of these flavours anywhere else.

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